Evelyn Lundstrom

Evelyn Lundström AICI CIP

Principal Facilitator and Company Director

Evelyn is one of Australia’s most experienced image and communications consultants; with a career spanning 30+ years across the corporate sector, the retail industry, professional services firms, academia and those seeking a career in the image industry.

She developed and facilitates the leading curriculum for consultant training in Australia.  Evelyn has designed and, in conjunction with Emma McDermott created the Definitive Colour Profiling System for image and colour professionals internationally.  

She is an accredited CIP (Certified Image Professional) with the Association of Image Consultants International® (AICI), the recognised industry association representing image professionals globally.

A Master NLP Practitioner, Evelyn’s expertise in facilitating accelerated learning for her students promotes a supportive learning environment.  She is committed to ongoing development of skills to ensure her students keep up to date with the latest tools and techniques.

According to students, “Evelyn is engaging and charismatic. She  captures her students’ attention with her warm and witty personality. Whether it be through presenting or training, Evelyn is the epitome of style and a true role model for our industry”. 

Evelyn is the founder of First Impressions Image Training & Consulting, and a trusted advisor and coach to corporate groups and individuals on image management strategies for greater recognition and personal success.  Evelyn’s work takes a unique, two- fold approach. The first step is to recognize the individual expressions of beauty in each client, and teach individuals how to be at their visual peak. Secondly, she encourages her clients to project from the inside out, showcasing their real qualities and building their self-esteem in the process. 

She is a contributor to two books, Socailly Smart & Savvy; Business Millionnaire.


Emma McDermott

Emma McDermott

Personal Brand Advisor, Image Maker and Trainer

As Chief Image Maker at 'My Personal Stylist', Emma provides services to the corporate and private sectors; including: personal brand and image management, style consultations and colour profiles, wardrobe management.

Emma believes that, regardless of age, size, budget or background, everyone deserves to get the results they seek by bringing their best self to any situation. She advises that personal brand is one of the most important assets one owns and it must be given the attention it requires so that by doing so, you will feel more confident, more purposeful and more attractive. She believes that whatever you want more of in your life, you are more likely to attract it when your personal image is aligned with your personal and/or professional outcomes.

Emma is an accredited Definitive Colour & Style Institute (DCSI) trainer providing Style and Colour training for those who wish to enter the industry. She offers coaching and training to image professionals seeking to reinvigorate their brand and their business.

According to students, “Emma has a unique ability to engage and educate her audience, whilst providing effective strategies that are simple to implement, and which generate results.”

She has been a valued keynote speaker at our global industy conferences (Association Of Image Consultants International).


Suzanne Dekyvere

Suzanne Dekyvere

Image Coach, Personal Shopper, Corporate Speaker and Trainer

Soon after starting work Suzanne quickly learnt a key to success that she was never taught in school – a polished personal appearance.

Whilst working for companies such as Mann Judd, Carlton & United Breweries, Monsanto, Zeal Consulting and Advanced Hair Studio Suzanne noticed the individual with the stronger personal image consistently outperformed and achieved success more rapidly. She also observed that an individual with a strong personal image could often surpass other more qualified individuals in their

field. After 20 years in the corporate world Suzanne decided to follow her passion and become an image consultant, teaching people about the importance of first impressions and how to best present themselves.

She is the guru who demystifies the complexities of wardrobing, grooming, business and social etiquette by teaching the basics of colour, style and the principles that can take a person from ordinary to outstanding.

Her consulting and training specialties are: Image Consulting; Retail Training; Corporate Workshops; Personal Colour Consultations, Personal Styling; Total Makeovers and Personal Shopping Excursions.

She joined the Definitive Colour & Style Institute team as a trainer in 2019.


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