Definitive Colour & Style Institute are the manufacturers of, and provide everything professional Colour Consultants, Stylists, Wardrobe Management Consultants and Personal Shoppers need for their Consulting businesses, from Colour Profiles (swatch books), Confirming Drape Sets, Drape Capes, Confirming Collars, Style Guides and other supporting tools.

Creating our beautiful colour profiles, colour analysis confirming tools and style guides was an exacting and intense process, however the final results make the hours of development worth it.

We have taken the guess-work out of colour analysis. Having invested an enormous amount of time, energy and resources to make available beautiful colour profiles (swatch books) and the supporting colour coding tools. We’ve enabled image and colour consultants to correctly analyse their clients’ colour patterns with confidence.

Consultants can provide their clients with the perfect colour profile full of colours to enhance their natural colouring. This is their fool-proof reference tool when shopping for fabrics, clothing, accessories, business basics, jewellery, makeup and hair colour. The shoppers’ colour bible.

Consultants from around the globe now use the Definitive Colour System tools.

If you’re looking for a supplier of unrivalled colour analysis products, and personal style guides, you have come to the right place. We’re proud of our products and want you to experience precision-made, quality products that give you what you need. You will be delighted.


I gratefully acknowledge Emma McDermott who collaborated and worked tirelessly with me on the Definitive Colour System. Emma brought to the project her professional skills as a graphic designer, and her intuitive and enquiring mind. Her insights were all the more valuable as, at that time, they were free of any preconceived ideas about the colour analysis process. Our collective knowledge and experience has a created a system we firmly believe will become the benchmark for any that follow. 

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