What Can You Do To Feel In Control Of Your Wardrobe

Are you one of so many people who have a ton of clothes yet find you are regularly wearing just a fraction of them?  

Do you wear outfits in the same way every time?  (Formula-dressing).  

Do you get tempted to buy items that appeal in the moment – yet hang unworn because they don’t go with anything you already have?

You are not alone.  

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of randomly shopping for a quick ‘fix’ to zhoosh up a lack lustre wardrobe.  Without a strategy and a clear understanding of your style preferences, any new item you buy could end up being another ‘orphan’ in the back of your wardrobe.

Don’t be a fashion victim – become a style victor!  As we go through life, our style preferences change for a number of reasons. 

Think about it – our bodies change as do our attitudes and our lifestyles.  That’s not all. Studies have shown that the new average for Australian workers have five to seven career changes in a lifetime – those being people who are willing to update their qualifications and switch careers.

The latest ‘it’ fashion items that we are bombarded with each season won’t necessarily work for everyone.  Yet there are many who fall for all the ‘puffery’ and run out and feel they must own whatever ‘it’ is. 

Don’t Fall Into That Trap. 

Discover your own style and stay true to that.  When done well, it will make you feel on-purpose, confident, stylish, and appropriate.

I loathe talking about RULES – because I am a rule-breaker.  But to be able to break rules, you need to know them in the first place.

So here are the ‘rules’ and it flows from there.

  1. Dress for your authentic self.  Your clothes must give you joy and, express all that you are.
  2. Dress to the occasion. Wherever you are – always be appropriately dressed. 
  3. Dress to fit in yet stand out.  Keeping in mind the people you will be meeting – whether at a picnic, a formal event or a business function.
  4. Go for quality – not quantity.  You don’t need a lot of clothes, but you need quality garments that are a perfect fit and will last.  This way is the only way you can truly build a remarkable wardrobe over time.
  5. Dress your unique body shape. Understand the styles that suit your body – and those that don’t.  
  6. Understand the colours that work best for you.  Wearing the wrong colours will have you looking lack-lustre and unwell. The colours that work for you will pick up on your eye-colour, enhance your skin-tone and will have you looking healthy and alert.

The main reasons women make mistakes and dread shopping are:

  • They have little knowledge about themselves and what suits them
  • They don’t allowing enough time to find the right styles, or even where to look
  • Taking advice from the wrong people e.g. shop assistants, well-meaning girlfriends, etc
  • Unrealistic expectations e.g. media hype around fashion fads; thinking they are larger or smaller than they are and end up selecting the wrong clothing size.

Image professionals are your trusted advisors. They are there to help you find your unique style based on your personality and physicality. They look for those things that take into account your shape, proportions and bodyscale.  They are in your corner and want you to love what you see in the mirror. 

Are you looking to enhance your personal style?   Want to feel self assured in how you dress? Perhaps desire to confidently stand out in a crowd? Do you have questions you wish to ask?

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